Painting in the studio and exploring new painting techniques.

I have been painting in oils on panels and canvas and in watercolors on paper. Because of the cold, I have been in the studio painting mostly the views from my studio in Palisade, Colorado. My studio looks over a peach orchard with the Bookcliffs mesa and the Colorado River and in the far distance the Colorado National Monument. All day the colors change, as the snow comes and goes and the sun changes the mode of this winter landscape.

As part of painting endeavors, I have been taking workshops with local artist at the Blue Pig in Palisade, Colorado. The program is called "Make Art". It is one of the best concepts I have ever had the pleasure to experience. To be able to spend the day painting with other professional artists for just a few dollars is an incredible return on the investment. There is usually one or two other artist during the make art class. The artist share their techniques, methods, and philosophy while painting.
I am also attending a day long work shop with Daniel Young, a well established oil painter and instructor.

I will be giving a presentation on blogging and website design on March 10th. At this time it will be at the Alphine Bank in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado. Please contact me for more information.
I have uploaded new images of new paintings and would love to hear from you what you like or what you think. Drop me a note.

Thank you for stopping by
Nancy Lewis.