First colors of Spring

I could not believe it. The first colors of green have appeared in the peach orchard. Small tuffs of newly awoken grass' have broken and delicate blossoms are coming alive

Throughout the day I watch the lone orchard worker make his way up and down the rows of trees slowly and carefully trimming individually selected branches. Unlike how I prune a tree which is a mass slaughter, he elements the non fruit baring twigs and leaves the rest. This whole week, I have been able to spot where he is in the orchard by locating the big blue tractor pulling the white flat bed trailer. Sometimes dust scatters behind him as he makes his way down the dirt lined row, creating a more defining marker.

It is still too cold to go out and paint much. Luckily I find the views out my studio window sufficient another panel or two.

I can tell you, I am yearning for spring. I am most looking forward to painting the virgin colors of spring. I am also looking forward to playing in the garden, riding my bike and being out in the Colorado spring sun.