To create and to be in balance

Welcome to Nancy's art

Nancy’s life-long connection with nature’s beauty is evidenced by the colors, textures, and composition she brings to her work.

“I believe art stimulates curiosity and thought and allows us to connect, consciously or subconsciously, with our emotions and memories.” Nancy explains.
Willow Creek Road Vistaview from zion museum2015-06-23 11.42.45Zion Lodge during 2015 Plein Air EventZion mid-dayBrotherly LoveReflective Light of Zioncolorado Flowing GoldJust before last lightBird of ParadiseTrumpet bushJUST BEFORE LAST LIGHTLavendar AglowSamsungCresent Bay overlookmIssion-San-Juan-Capistrano-smallmisty walkNancy Lewis storm from hiloSamsungthunderheads                               11x14 oil11x14 pastel - painting out                                SAMSUNG            2013-08-28 17.33.54SAMSUNG

Friendship Bridge Book

I am very excited about the book my husband, Randy Fay, and I just published. We got the inspiration for this project while we where in Guatemala doing volunteer work with Friendship Bridge for

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